May 2001 update - compiled by Helane Shields - prepared for WWW by ESRA


page 107 FLORIDA
18th page
April18, 2001
Sun Herald, Taylor Hoppal, Tracy Hoppel, bronchial infection, rotavirus, diarrhea, airborne virus, DeSoto, Peace River, Jerry Eagle, Anytime Septic Service
page 108 FLORIDA
19th page
April 18, 2001:
Eagle, Anytime Septic Service,, Robert Neads, Alan Behrens, DeSoto Citizens Against Pollution, David Hoppel, FL DEP, Dennis Jackson, sludge, septic debris, Lt. Sam Williamson, DeSoto Health Dept.
page 109 FLORIDA
20th page
April 18, 2001
tampon applicators, sanitary pads, Williamson, David and Tracy Hoppel, Dr. Peter Villanueva, rotavirus, Class B sludge, Neads
page 110 FLORIDA
21st page
April 28, 2001
Tracy Hoppel, Arcadia, FL, Lime stabilized Class B sewage sludge, Inglewood, Port Charlotte, nausea, vomiting, strep throat, severe bacterial ear infection, bad acne, sick cats, DeSoto County, setback violation, Helane Shields
page 111 FLORIDA
22nd page
May 2, 20016
DeSoto County, Betty Jo Harkless, Cross Creek Country Club, RV and Golf Resort, workshop, David and Tracy Hoppel
page 112 FLORIDA
23rd page
June 13, 2001
Sun Herald, DeSoto County Commission, classes AA, A and B, obnoxious odors, transmits diseases, ban on Class B sludge, Art Beecher, Tammie Bond, Tracy Hoppel, Mari Hollingsworth, Allen Behrensm George Chase, DeSoto Citizens Against Pollution, Commissioner Terry Wells, Commissioner Bill Ajtman, Peace River, Commissioner Ronald Neads
page 113 FLORIDA
24th page
June 26, 2001
DeSoto County Board of Commissioners, ban on class B sludge, Allan Behrens, DeSoto Citizens Against Pollution, FL Dept Environmental Protection, Bill Altman, Jerry Hill, Ronald Neads, Felton Garner
page 114 GEORGIA
1st page
November 10, 1998
Robert Pavey, Burke County, Richmond County, lawsuits against Augusta-Richmond County, crop damage, cattle mortality, toxic metals from municiapal sewage sludge, McElmurray & Sons, Hephzibah and Boyceland Dairy of Keysville, Messerly Wastewater Plant, Mr. Hallman, A. Rowland Dye, arsenic, cyanide, PCB's
page 115 GEORGIA
2nd page
November, 1998
death of a farm, Boyceland Dairy, Dixie Grand Champion at the Augusta Exchange Club Fair, Andy McElmurra, Bill Boyce
page 116 GEORGIA
3rd page
15 February, 1999
Robert Pavey, Metro, Boyceland Dairies, R.A. McElmurray & Sons, lawsuit, Georgia Environmental Protection Division, Dr. Richard L. Large, A & L Analytical Laboratories, Molybdenum, Dr. H.G. Blaylock, Augusta veterinarian, copper buildup, Dr. Chip Pritchard
page 117 GEORGIA
4th page
February 14, 2001
Robert Paver, Blythe Dairy Farm, Augusta-Richmond County, Boyceland Dairy, Messerly Wastewate Plant, R.A. McElmurray & Sons of Hephzibah, U.S. District Court
page 118 GEORGIA
5th page
February 14, 2001
Robert Pavey, Metro, Blythe dairy farm, Augusta-Richmond County, Boyceland Dairy, Messerly Wastewater Plant, McElmurray

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